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My name is Dorthe, born and brought up in Denmark.  I love the outdoors and animals. You will meet me in the hills or swimming in the lochs. 
I have worked extensively in mental health in a range of settings for 16 years which led me to acquire a long-standing interest in the connection between mind and body. This drew me towards working with the body, eventually qualifying in Medical Massage, now known as Clinical Massage, with JING. 

I hold diplomas in massage, counselling, Pilates and 2 in hypnotherapy. I have had the pleasure of studying with the very well known & respected hypnotherapist and writer Ali Campbell who can be seen in documentaries on the BBC.
I am passionate about my work and like to be the best I can be. and give you time.
I am fortunate to run a busy therapy practice and have 30+ years’ experience in the mind/body connection.

I offer high quality therapy, tailored-made for your needs. Each person is unique and I vary your treatment plan accordingly. We work together to find the best outcome for you. 

I truly believe therapies are a necessity, not a luxury to heal. It helps you to mend your body and mind and live the finest life.
No need to suffer any hurt.

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